America first fell in love with fine wine in the seventies, leading to an explosion of popularity in the eighties which still continues today. Since 1980, Washington’s wine industry has grown at a faster rate than any other state--even California--where ninety percent of all American wine is grown. During this boom, demand shifted from economy and standard wines to premium and ultra-premium wines. It was not long before winemakers discovered that Washington is especially suited for growing--not only because of its unique climate and stratified, mineral rich soil, but because comparable growing areas in California are fully planted and the cost of land there is astronomical. With large tracts of land available for planting, Washington is a winemaker’s dream come true.

Despite the wine boom, America still only consumes a modest ten liters per capita. In contrast, mature markets like Great Britain, Spain, Greece, Germany and Argentina consume twenty to twenty-five liters per capita; Demark, Switzerland, Italy and Portugal consume over thirsty-five liters; and France, home of the great epicurean pleasures, consumes a whopping forty-five. Thus, while U.S. consumption increases by double digits each year, we would need twice as many vineyards and double the wine production to catch up to the world’s top wine consumers. When this does happen, the vineyard land in Washington will become an instant commodity.

We believe that if U.S. wine consumption approaches old world country levels, Washington is the only state in America perfectly poised to take advantage of this growth. By capitalizing on production opportunities within our Regional Center, we can provide investors with a strategic, long-term dividend, funding projects through a combination of EB-5 financing, equity, debt and revenues.

Horse Heaven Hills Winery, Washington State

We have contracted with one of the area’s elite farming contractors, Andy DenHoed, to develop and operate an expansive 310-acre vineyard on some of the most dramatic and fertile landscape in Washington State’s Horse Heaven Hills. We are negotiating options for the winery, which may include building our own facility or purchasing an existing one.